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Monday, April 23, 2007 News & Upcoming Workshops & Conferences BFE 11th Annual Meeting in Berlin....Wunderbar success from left to right - Dr. Erik Peper, President of the BFE, Dr. Bruno Demichelis - For 20 years the Head of Sports Science for AC Milan Football Team, Dr. Vietta 'Sue' Wilson, author of 'Optimizing Performance and Health' BFE Suite, Lawrence Klein, V.P. of Thought Technology and Luca Righetto, Italian Distributor of Thought Technology

Berlin, Germany - Holding their BFE Lifetime Achievement Awards for their contribution to the field of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback in Sport, in both the Professional Football field and Olympics are Dr. Bruno Demichelis and Dr. Vietta 'Sue' Wilson. Their lectures opened the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe's 11th annual Meeting’s Scientific Program which began February 27th. Dr. Vietta 'Sue' Wilson, of Toronto, Canada, gave an hour introductory lecture on Biofeedback and Neurofeedback's use in Sport Psychology. Dr. Bruno Demichelis gave a ninety minute lecture on AC Milan's use of the Mind Room and Sport Psychology /Sports Medicine. The MindRoom, which includes Thought Technology’s ProComp Infiniti/BioGraph Infiniti, is considered their secret weapon that helped them defeat Manchester United 3-0 and advance to the Champions League Football final May 23rd, 2007 in Athens, Greece.The next annual meeting takes place February 2008, in Salzburg, Austria


Dr. Vietta " Sue" Wilson will be teaching her workshop, "Optimizing Performance & Health". Dr. Wilson, renowned for her work in sports psychology since 1971, taught sport psychology, counseling and bio-feedback assisted self regulation at the graduate and undergraduate level for over 30 years. Participants in the two-day workshop will learn to differentiate the innate from acquired in our stress response and especially learn to understand how and why we respond to stress in the way we do, and most importantly, how to change.The workshops take place from July 9-10th at UQAM (the University of Quebec at Montreal) campus


Monday, April 23, 2007 ----- Following a keynote address to the 11th Annual Meeting of the BFE, Dr. Bruno Demichelis, the famous Head of Sports Science, AC Milan Football Team, took time to teach some future soccer greats the finer points of biofeedback. The youngsters, who attend grade school in Berlin, learned about optimizing their performance and health--a life skill according to Demichelis. The young students were captivated by the computers and software for sports applications & biofeedback, developed by Thought Technology Ltd. of Montreal, Canada. Several of the young athletes were " hooked-up" in order to measure their biofeedback responses to stimuli. Dr. Demichelis taught them how to relax under stressful situations and how to improve their performance on the soccer pitch. He also showed them ways to train their powers of confidence using numerous visualization techniques.
Demichelis uses the same techniques and many more advanced for the players on theAC Milan Squad, who have just won their last four matches allowing them to enter the finals
round leading up to the World Cup.

The young Berlin footballers learned how to concentrate and focus to get into " the zone " for peak performance during competitions. Physical fitness is key to performing well, but mental preparation also makes a big difference with respect to performance Demichelis told them; it can also help reduce physical injuries.

Using ProComp Infiniti, professional athletes allow themselves to be measured for seven physiological signals --- from brain waves and muscle tension to heart rate and respiration.
Athletes soon learn how to achieve a meditative state and maintain this mind-set while visualizing videos of their recent performance on the football pitch.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007 The HRV Training Suite, designed by Dr. Donald Moss and Dr. Fred Shaffer is based on the latest research and clinical experience, helping newcomers apply heart rate variability training.Licensed health professionals can learn how to measure HRV from an EKG signal or from peripheral blood flow (HR/BVP) and respiration.The suite includes specialized software display screens to support a variety of convergent training strategies to produce increased heart rate variability. The suite also includes a clinical guide that can help get started right away in this exciting field.The software and documentation in the suite teach techniques necessary for increasing heart rate variability. HRV can be of particular value to psychologists and other health practitioners and therapists.For information:


Tuesday, April 24, 2007 NEUROFEEDBACK FUNDAMENTALS WORKSHOP—A UNIQUE LEARNING EXPERIENCE JUNE 4-8th & SEPT. 24-28 Lynda Thompson Ph.D and Michael Thompson, M.D. of the Biofeedback Institute of Toronto and ADD Centres Ltd., will once again be offering an introduction to basic concepts in applied psychophysiology:" Neurofeedback Combined with Biofeedback and Metacognition"The course is accredited by the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America, and provides up to 37 hours of BCIA didactic training. Chief Instructor will be Lynda Thompson Ph.D.Guest faculty will be professor Vietta Sue Wilson, Ph.D of the Dept. of Kinesiology Health Science, York University and James Thompson, Ph.D, presenting Basic Concepts in Applied Psychophysiology. The workshops combine comprehensive instruction in the basics of Neurofeedback while experiencing Canada’s breath-taking summer & autumn scenery. The location of the training is Burleigh Island Lodge at Burleigh Falls, a small inn on the shores of Stoney Lake in thescenic Kawartha Lakes district north of Toronto, Canada.Because of the unique location, the workshop will have a strictly-limited enrollment which also ensures the possibility of hands-on experience for all participants. There will be opportunities each afternoon for relaxing by the lake, as well as nature walks, boating, fishing and swimming. There are ancient indian rock paintings at the far end of the lake which can be visited. INFORMATION : Posted by the Director of Communications