Monday, May 14, 2007


Monday, April 23, 2007 ----- Following a keynote address to the 11th Annual Meeting of the BFE, Dr. Bruno Demichelis, the famous Head of Sports Science, AC Milan Football Team, took time to teach some future soccer greats the finer points of biofeedback. The youngsters, who attend grade school in Berlin, learned about optimizing their performance and health--a life skill according to Demichelis. The young students were captivated by the computers and software for sports applications & biofeedback, developed by Thought Technology Ltd. of Montreal, Canada. Several of the young athletes were " hooked-up" in order to measure their biofeedback responses to stimuli. Dr. Demichelis taught them how to relax under stressful situations and how to improve their performance on the soccer pitch. He also showed them ways to train their powers of confidence using numerous visualization techniques.
Demichelis uses the same techniques and many more advanced for the players on theAC Milan Squad, who have just won their last four matches allowing them to enter the finals
round leading up to the World Cup.

The young Berlin footballers learned how to concentrate and focus to get into " the zone " for peak performance during competitions. Physical fitness is key to performing well, but mental preparation also makes a big difference with respect to performance Demichelis told them; it can also help reduce physical injuries.

Using ProComp Infiniti, professional athletes allow themselves to be measured for seven physiological signals --- from brain waves and muscle tension to heart rate and respiration.
Athletes soon learn how to achieve a meditative state and maintain this mind-set while visualizing videos of their recent performance on the football pitch.

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