Monday, May 14, 2007


Tuesday, April 24, 2007 NEUROFEEDBACK FUNDAMENTALS WORKSHOP—A UNIQUE LEARNING EXPERIENCE JUNE 4-8th & SEPT. 24-28 Lynda Thompson Ph.D and Michael Thompson, M.D. of the Biofeedback Institute of Toronto and ADD Centres Ltd., will once again be offering an introduction to basic concepts in applied psychophysiology:" Neurofeedback Combined with Biofeedback and Metacognition"The course is accredited by the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America, and provides up to 37 hours of BCIA didactic training. Chief Instructor will be Lynda Thompson Ph.D.Guest faculty will be professor Vietta Sue Wilson, Ph.D of the Dept. of Kinesiology Health Science, York University and James Thompson, Ph.D, presenting Basic Concepts in Applied Psychophysiology. The workshops combine comprehensive instruction in the basics of Neurofeedback while experiencing Canada’s breath-taking summer & autumn scenery. The location of the training is Burleigh Island Lodge at Burleigh Falls, a small inn on the shores of Stoney Lake in thescenic Kawartha Lakes district north of Toronto, Canada.Because of the unique location, the workshop will have a strictly-limited enrollment which also ensures the possibility of hands-on experience for all participants. There will be opportunities each afternoon for relaxing by the lake, as well as nature walks, boating, fishing and swimming. There are ancient indian rock paintings at the far end of the lake which can be visited. INFORMATION : Posted by the Director of Communications

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