Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pioneers honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Patricia Norris, Monika Fuhs & Steve Fahrion, PhD. Drs. Patricia Norris and Steve Fahrion, Ph.D.--biofeedback pioneers addressed delegates during the Annual Meeting of the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe, which was held in Salzburg, Austria. The guest speakers investigated and created successful clinical and educational biofeedback protocols for the treatment of disorders such as drug addition and hypertension. As pioneers, they integrated complementary approaches such as imagery and Psychosynthesis with self-regulation strategies to optimize the patient’s immune competence for the treatment of cancer. Patricia Norris, Ph.D. is a daughter and professional colleague of the Biofeedback pioneers Elmer and Alyce Green and has extensive experience with psychophysiological research from its inception. She offers a remarkable insight into integration of BF with imagery and Psychosynthesis for treatment of many disorders including cancer. Steve Fahrion, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who did pioneering research with temperature biofeedback and developed the most successful non-pharmacological treatment of hypertension. More recently he was instrumental in developing success neuro- and bio-feedback treatment programs for substance abuse and addiction.

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